Forestaurant is a cooperative board game in which the players are tasked to manage a restaurant for animals. Various species can visit your restaurant, and you have to be aware of their different tastes: watch where you seat them, which meal you suggest them, and how you prepare the food.

Your goal is to earn the respect of every species. To accomplish this, you have time until closing, which comes after the deck runs out. And watch out, if the guests are discontent, you can lose the game earlier!

Players take turns one after the other, and their turn consists of three phases. In the Activation phase, a row or column of tables are activated based on the top card of the deck. The activated guests may advance to their next state or their stress levels can increase. The second phase is the Action phase, where the player can take various actions: seat new guests, take orders, prepare and serve meals, and buy ingredients. The player has to play a card for each action, and based on the type of the card, the interaction can decrease or increase the stress level of the guest. In the Ending phase, the player discards the ingredients exceeding the storage limit, and draws new cards. The most interesting part is the preparation of meals, where other players can also play cards and pay ingredients to help the current player.

Prijs‚ā¨ 20
LeeftijdVanaf 9 jaar
Spelers1 tot 5 spelers
Tijdsduur30-45 min
Taal Engels Duits Italiaans
Taalgebruik Taalonafhankelijk.
AuteurOlivér Osz
Uitgegeven in2016
EAN code5999885410071
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