Cosmic Encounter

Take the shape of one of over 50 different alien race in this new version of the 1970's classic updated by
fan favorite designer Kevin Wilson (Arkham Horror). Each turn players will seek to expand their empire
by attacking or negotiating in order to build colonies on enemy planets. Every alien race has a unique
ability which breaks the rules in some way.
Color codes on for each race allow players to choose the difficulty level of the game they wish to play.
Flare cards expand the aliens powers, and can grant access to super powers if they can acquire their
personal flare. Cosmic Encounter promises no two games to be alike, and each game will pit you against
new challenges from each player.
In this edition of Cosmic Encounter are all new plastic ships! These highly detailed spacecraft easily
stack up to five high. The aliens themselves get a facelift, as all 50 races have new art and updated rules!

Prijs‚ā¨ 67
UitgeverFantasy Flight Games
LeeftijdVanaf 12 jaar
Spelers3 tot 5 spelers
Tijdsduur60-90 min
Taal Engels
Taalgebruik Tekst intensief.
AuteurBill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, Bill Norton, Peter Ol
Uitgegeven in2008
EAN code9781589944961
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