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Leeftijd: 13+ Spelers: 2-6 Tijd: 40-70

The year is 1252 and the great Kublai Khan has decided to build his summer palace. He has searched for the best architects who are looking to win fame and prestige — and sometimes you have to harm other architects' prestige to step forward...

Xanadú is a highly interactive card game for 2 to 5 players. Cards can be buildings with four squares of available resources that can be used by any player (including the owner of the card). To be able to retrieve and use those resources, the players assign workers, which are also cards.? The players compete to earn the most "tong baos", the money in the game, by selling the constructions to the Khan.

Xanadú is a strategy game of building and sabotage, for casual and experienced players.?

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EAN : XANADU1234567
Taal : Nederlands, Frans, Engels, Duits, Spaans
Taalgebruik: Taalonafhankelijk.
Auteur: Javier Velásquez
Uitgegeven in 2012


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